Dr. Mizan blasts irregularity in Faridpur Medical College Hospital

National Human Rights Commission Chairman Prof. Dr. Mizanur Rahman expressed his dissatisfaction over the irregularity and mismanagement
in the Trauma Centre of Faridpur Medical College Hospital.

During a visit to the centre on Saturday, he found the anomaly. He
directed the officials to take steps for improving the situation immediately.

Dr. MIzan also visited other institutions from 9am to noon.

He visited Faridpur Muslim Mission, General Hospital and Free Plastic
Surgery Camp of Faridpur Welfare Foundation, Government Girls’ High
School and Zilla School.

He saw a seven year old boy, Shabbir, yelling on the operation table
of the Trauma Centre.
Dr. Mizan castigated the nurses and doctors of the centre after
seeing the boy lying in the inhuman condition.

He asked the nurses and physicians to refrain from such inhuman
activities in the future.

Dr. Mizan asked all concerned to be sincere to ensure the proper
treatment of poor people.

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