RAB arrested mutineer

Bangladesh intelligence and Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) officers have arrested Tauhidul Alam who is the prime accused in the events at the BDR (Bangladesh Rifles) headquarters last week. They also arrested four other men related with this case.

Police authorities are searching for other border guards who have been charged with murder. There are at least 74 people died in the mutiny.
State funeral were held on Monday for almost 50 victims of the mutiny. President, other govt. higher officers and army officers have attended the funeral.
Britain's defense secretary Liam Fox (File Photo)-voaAP: ফুকুশিমা পারমানবিক স্থাপনার কাছাকাছি এলাকা থেকে ভয়েস অফ আমেরিকার সংবাদদাতারা জানাচ্ছেন যে ৮.৯ মাত্রার ঔ ভুমিকম্পের ২৪ ঘন্টার পর এখনও ঐ অঞ্চলে ছোট ছোট ভুকম্পন হচ্ছে।--AP photo-
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