Khaleda’s `Dhaka Cholo’ designed to protect war criminals: Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday said the BNP chief’s `Dhaka Cholo’ programme is “designed to protect” the war criminals now facing trial for the killing, plundering and raping during the country’s liberation war in 1971.

“Trial of the war criminals is our election pledge. It must be accomplished. I want your cooperation,” she told a big public meeting at the ground close to Sandwip Haji AB College in the afternoon.

Hasina said the Pakistan occupation army had committed crimes upon the orders of their mentors, but how the sons of this soil could commit killings, looting and arson, and handover women to the Pakistan army.

Referring to Khaleda Zia’s recent remarks that she would make the government lame and cripple, the Prime Minister said she has learnt in her childhood: Not to call a blind person as blind and a lame person as lame. The opposition leader does not know this maxim since she did not study.

“People know it well who is lame and disabled… We will not allow making our people lame and cripple as long as we are alive,” she told the meeting.

Continuing her tirade, Hasina said that while in power the BNP
government had “maimed and killed” innumerable people, but the trial of those killing and maiming were not held. “Killing of people is in their character.”

She advised her prime rival to behave properly and offer apology to the people and say “tawba” that she would not repeat any such sin in the future.

The premier said the present government wants to establish peace and security in the country, but what happened during the BNP’s rule? “Bangladesh was then known to the whole world as a country of corruption, terrorism and militancy.”

“BNP is the synonym of terrorism, corruption and money laundering,” she said, adding that the BNP chief had committed corruption while in power and whitened her black money tarnishing the image of the nation.

Hasina said all elections were held peacefully under the present
government and people elected their representatives according to
their free will. “We have arranged a system ensuring people’s right
to vote according to their choice,” she added.

Referring to the proposed Sandwip-Noakhali cross dam, the Prime Minister the Netherlands has been doing the feasibility study on the project.

She said the government will take decision on the feasibility report, but it would take time.

Chaired by Sandwip upazila Awami League president Alhaj M Shajahan, the meeting was also addressed by Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu MP, Engr Mosharraf Hossain MP, Ahmad Hossain, MA Salam, Moslem Uddin Ahmed and Aminul Islam.

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