Future programme will compel govt either to give CG or step down: Khaleda

“The ball is now in the government court to decide which way it will
go,” Khaleda told a huge audience amid cheers and clapping while
addressing a public meeting this afternoon at Laxmipur Adarsha Samad
High School Ground in the town.

She said the ruling Awami League has to hold election under caretaker
government or any other name of non-party and neutral government. It
is the responsibility of the ruling party to protect democracy. The
government is to take the responsibility if fair and neutral
elections are not ensured.

The district BNP organized the meeting in protest of killing of BNP
activists Kashem and Rubel in police fire upon mass procession in
Laxmipur town on January 29.

Khaleda said, “The government should understand that it has no way to
ignore the sentiment of the masses. The sentiment of the people will
be manifested in the next programme,” and called up all sections of
the people to join the March 12 Cholo Cholo Dhaka.

She asked the government not to obstruct their peaceful march which
is a democratic right. Her party will be compelled to go for tough
action if any obstruction is created to the marchers.

Criticizing government misdeeds, misrule and undemocratic activities,
Khaleda said Awami League is not a ‘democratic’ party. It believes in
one-party rule or provoking martial law.

Referring to previous incidents of political change over, she said AL
was behind all martial laws in the country.

During her nearly an hour-long speech, often punctuated by clapping
and slogans by the enthusiastic crowd BNP chairperson touched various
issues including the government’s alleged failures in various
sectors, secret deals with India sacrificing the national interest,
BSF killing of innocent Bangladeshi nationals along the border,
worsening law and order, widespread corruptions.

On next general elections due in early 2014, Khaleda said no election
will be held or allowed to hold under Awami League government. She
said BNP and other like minded parties will not participate in
elections under the ruling party.

Citing previous examples, she said no election under AL was fair and
neutral but marked by ‘rigging and terrorism’.

She said they (AL) want to hold election keeping its leader Sheikh
Hasina as Prime Minister and her loyal administration and police and
the Election Commission to manage the polls in its favour.

The BNP chairperson said people have seen what the government has
done for the country during the last three years. Much trumpeted
‘digital Bangladesh’ rendered people hunger.

Referring to bad shape of economy and closing down of factories one
after another due to multiple problems including lack of electricity
and gas, she said Indians are now purchasing big industries including
garments factories.

Khaleda strongly protested the killing of her party workers in
Laxmipur and asked the people to turn mourning to strengthen to
advance. None can resist the forward march, she said adding that
people have rejected the government.

On terrorism and militancy she said BNP does not believes in it. Her
previous government had curbed militancy by arresting Abdur Rahman
and Bangla Bhai and awarded extreme punishment to them.

Earlier, Khaleda Zia consoled the bereaved family members of Kashem
and e Rubel killed in police firing. She also gave them financial
assistance. She also gave Tk one lakh to each of those injured during
the January 29 mass procession.

Presided over by Laxmipur district BNP president Abul Khaier Bhuiyan,
the meeting was also addressed among others by Mirza Fakhrul Islam
Alamgir, Barrister Moudud Ahmed, Shahiduddin Chowdhury Annie,
Ashrrafuddin Nizan, Nazimuddin Ahmed, Dr Abdul Moyeen Khan,
Amanullah Aman, Barkatullah Bulu, M Shahjahan and Barrister
Mahbubuddin Khokon.

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