Ershad: only JP can bring relief

Jatiya Party Chairman HM Ershad on Monday said it is his party that can bring relief in the lives of people as they no longer want to see the heads of the two major political parties in power.

“The people of the country no longer want to see the two top leaders of the country in power as they did nothing for them. Now it’s the Jatiya Party that can bring relief,” he said while addressing a wayside rally at Ghatail.

Ershad urged the people of Ghatail to vote for the Jatiya Party candidate in the Tangail-3 by-election to send out a message that the country’s people do not want the heads of the two big political parties in power.

He also said a diabetic hospital will be set up at Ghatail if the Jatiya Party candidate wins the by-polls slated for November 18.

The JP chairman also addressed several other wayside rallies as part of his campaign for party candidate Syed Abu Yusuf Abdullah Tuhin in the by-election.

Two other contestants in the by-polls are Awami League nominee Shahidul Islam Lebu and independent candidate Amanur Rahman Khan, Religious Affairs Secretary of Tangail district AL.

A total of 271,329 voters will exercise their franchise in the by-election to the parliamentary seat that fell vacant following the death of Awami League MP Dr Matiur Rahman.

Matiur died of cardiac arrest during a kidney surgery at Columbia Asia Hospital of Bangalore, India on September 14.

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